ESAT stands for ELIXIIT ACADEMY SCHOLARSHIP CUM ADMISSION TEST. One can easily sit for this exam by paying a fee of Rs 100. ESAT is an examination which comprises questions based on Mathematics. The questions depends on the class in which the student currently studies or has been promoted to. For example, if a student has been just promoted to Class 12 or is currently studying in Class 12, then standard and conceptual questions of Mathematics from Class 11 will be asked in the ESAT Examination. The exam will be ONLINE & one can sit for ESAT at the comfort of his/her home. It will be completely an MCQ type paper consisting of 20 standard Questions where each question carries 2 marks. The Scholarship depends on the percentage of marks scored in ESAT. 



Students moving from Class 10 to 11 can appear for ESAT Class 11, Students moving from Class 11 to 12 can appear for ESAT Class 12 and Class 12 Passed Students can appear for ESAT Class 12 Pass


ESAT is a complete ONLINE based exam. It can be given from anywhere if the student has access to the internet.

Time / Duration

The total duration of the ESAT exam is 1 hour. The time can be extended in some special cases which shall be informed by the office
Date of Exam & Results announcement: 

ESAT 2024 will be conducted on 7th April, 2024.

The Results for ESAT Phase-I 2024 are yet to be announced. The results along with rank will be sent through email upon the completion of the ESAT. 
Course Syllabus
Class XI Click Here
Class XII Click Here
Class XII Pass Click Here

After the Application Form and the form fees is submitted, the student will receive the Username and Password to access the ELIXIIT Exam Portal within 24 hours in their registered email address
For any queries related to ESAT, you may write us on info@elixiitacademy.in
Why should you choose ESAT?
1. Using the scholarship which ESAT will offer, a student can attend our Classroom Programs and shall get the best possible guides. It is a great opportunity for those students who are exempted from getting privileges due to some criteria.

2. ESAT is a great opportunity for the students which encourages students to perform well in their studies. It is one of the best talent hunt examinations in India in the field of Mathematics

3. It will also help students to analyse their performance and improve their areas of weakness after the exam.