Some Faq’s

  • 1. Why us ?
    We at ELIXIIT ACADEMY have been training our students for competitive exams for the past several years. Under the guidance of our Founder Director Sir Uddalak Basu and our esteemed distinguished faculties and mentors, many have cracked various competitive examinations across India with excellent results. Here at ELIXIIT ACADEMY, we nurture young minds and help them to shape their career and to achieve their dream. We have created students who have not only cracked the exam, but have also excelled their examinations.
  • 2. Where can we attend the Classroom Programs?
    At present, our LIVE CLASSROOM PROGRAMS are available at our two centres in Kolkata—Lake Gardens and Kalikapur.

    NOTE: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation in India, all the classes are conducted through online platform  and the classes are as strong as Offline Classes.
  • 3. How good are the Live Online Classes ?
    We provide one of the best Live Online Classes across the Country were a student can ask face to face doubts. Special Live Online Doubt Clearing Classes are conducted for our students in which the students can clarify their doubts. The lectures are recorded in HD quality and are securely updated in the student portal (ELIXIIT Mobile App).
    The most special feature of the online classes are- we have the facility of AI based Online Test Series where we can keep an eye on the students giving exams with the help of artificial intelligence. Students appearing for the tests are constantly monitered by the Exam Control Board of ELIXIIT ACADEMY and are being tracked using an AI Based Software
  • 4. Are the mock tests conducted online?
    The mock tests are conducted online as most of the competitive examinations nowadays are based on ONLINE MODE.The mock tests are AI based mock tests. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can keep an eye on the students, the screen gets locked when the mock test starts which prevents the students from cheating. Along with that, the Exam Control Board of ELIXIIT ACADEMY manages and invigilates the exam through the AI Based Software.
  • 5. Do the mock tests follow the exact JEE / ISI pattern?

    We exactly follow the JEE / ISI /Board Exam Question Paper Pattern. In fact, the question papers are prepared by the Alumni and Researchers of IITs, ISIs, CMIs, etc. who are faculties of this Institute. How the IIT-JEE & the ISI Entrance papers are made, we exactly follow the similar procedure when we make the mock test papers  

  • 6. How to apply online?
    To apply online, you need to visit ONLINE ADMISSION on the top right hand side. You need to fill out the necessary details after choosing the course which you want to select and then you can directly pay the course fee online after filling out the form.
  • 7. What is ESAT & and what are it's benefits?
    ESAT stands for ELIXIIT ACADEMY SCHOLARSHIP CUM ADMISSION TEST. One can easily sit for this exam without paying any extra cost. ESAT is an examination which comprises of questions based on Mathematics. The questions depends on which class the student studies. For example, if a student has been just promoted to Class 12, then standard and conceptual questions of Mathematics from Class 11 will be asked in the ESAT Examination. The exam will be ONLINE & one can sit for ESAT at the comfort of his/her home. It will be completely an MCQ type paper consisting of 20 standard Questions where each question carries 4 marks. The Scholarship depends on the percentage of marks scored in ESAT. 

    Benefits: One can get 100% Scholarship using ESAT and can attend our LIVE CLASSES with that scholarship.
  • 8. For whom ESAT is?
    ESAT is only for the students those who have enrolled for the following courses- IIT-JEE, ISI/CMI, OLYMPIADS, and FOUNDATION. 
    For other courses, ESAT is not applicable.
  • 9. When is ESAT conducted?
    It is conducted at the very beginning of a new academic session. (Most probably at the end of February, or the beginning of March or April)