Our Founder

Our Founder

Leadership is the key reason for the success and the failure of an organisation. But when an organisation becomes successful and at the same time it creates successful students, it proves that we had the best leadership always. We are fortunate enough to get the leadership of our Hon. Founder Chairperson and Faculty Sir Uddalak Basu. Under his visionary mentorship, ELIXIIT Academy has been flourished and reached such height.


Sir Uddalak Basu, is a seasoned mentor having an experience of more than 11 years in the field of teaching Mathematics right starting from the level of IIT-JEE & ISI Entrance to the University Level (UG/PG) level Mathematics. He is a rare genius amongst the National Level teachers in the field of teaching Mathematics. His students always says, that learning Mathematics from him is a Celestial Blessing.  His concise and most precise lectures helps the students to understand most complicated concepts in an elaborate manner by laying a strong Foundation. He is a true learner and a great faculty who has always emphasized on How Things Work and Why Things Work. His natural talent of teaching Mathematics has created a deep love of Mathematics among his students. Being a perfectionist, he does not tolerate even a minor error. Being an Educationist, he has always tried to help all types of students as he always say that Education is for all and everyone has the right to get the best quality Education.

For all these reasons, he is the most popular sought mentor and a faculty and as such students and the entire staff of the Academy fondly call him 'Basu Sir' which has also become a very popular searched word on Google.  



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