Algebra & Combinatorics Study Material for ISI-CMI (UG) Entrance & JEE Detail

Algebra & Combinatorics Study Material for ISI-CMI (UG) Entrance & JEE

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This is a High Quality Study Material authored by Basu Sir and the expert board of faculties of ELIXIIT Academy on the topic Algebra & Combinatorics for ISI-CMI (UG) Entrance Exam & JEE Advanced and is highly recommended for the students preparing for these exams. This material contains the entire theory of Algebra & Combinatorics along with the various Solved Problems and Standard Assignments. The problems from the exercises are a collection of easy to very difficult problems and traditionally every year similar questions are often asked in the exam from our Question Banks and assignments.

This Study Material consists of the following Topics:
Chp 1: Basic Algebraic Inequations
Chp 2: Logarithm
Chp 3: Inequalities
Chp 4: Complex Numbers
Chp 5: Sequence and Series
Chp 6: Theory of Equations
Chp 7: Matrices
Chp 8: Determinants
Chp 9: Probability and Discrete Probability Distributions
Chp 10: Statistics


Chp 1: Basic Concepts of Factorial and Counting Principle
Chp 2: Permutation and Combination
Chp 3: Division and Distribution
Chp 4: Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion
Chp 5: Pigeonhole Principle
Chp 6: Recurrence Relations


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