Algebra Video Lecture Series for ISI / JEE Detail

Algebra Video Lecture Series for ISI / JEE

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This Video Lecture Series is based on the topic Algebra for ISI UG Entrance and JEE Advanced

The following chapters are covered in this lecture series:
  1. Algebraic Inequations
  2. Logarithms
  3. Standard Inequalities
  4. Sets and Relations
  5. Mathematical Reasoning
  6. Complex Number and Geometry of Complex Numbers
  7. Sequence, Progressions and Series
  8. Infinite Series and Telescoping Series
  9. Application of Calculus in Infinite Series
10. Quadratic Equations, Quadratic Functions, Graphs and Location of Roots
11. Mathematical Induction
12. Permutation and Combination
13. Binomial Theorem and it's Applications
14. Exponential and Logarithmic Series
15. Matrice 
16. Determinants
17. Probability-I
18. Probability-II (Probability Distributions)

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4. Includes Doubt Clearing and Assignment Discussion Lectures