Calculus of One Variable Video Lecture for JEE & ISI Detail

Calculus of One Variable Video Lecture for JEE & ISI

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This Video Lecture Series is based on the topic Calculus of Single Variable for ISI UG Entrance and JEE Advanced

The following chapters are covered in this lecture series:
1. Introduction to Calculus:
- Introductory Real Analysis- Set Theory and Principles of Countability
- Relations, Extended Part of Set Theory 
- Functions, Real Valued Functions and Extension of Functions
- Functional Equations

2. Differential Calculus:
- Limits
- Continuity and Differentiability and it's Applications
- Derivatives and Some Theorems
- Tangent and Normals
- Numerical Application of Derivatives
- Mean Value Theorem and it's Application
- Monotonicity and it's applications
- Maxima and Minima
- Concavity, Convexity and Points of Inflexion
- Asymptotes
- Curve Sketching in Cartesian Coordinates

3. Integral Calculus:
- Indefinite Integrals
- Definite Integration
- Application of Definite Integrals
- Differential Equation

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